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Students at a Sex in the Dark program

Students stay anonymous in this lights-off Q&A event, while our pair of national experts answer their deepest, darkest questions. No question too simple — or too outrageous.

We provide free glow bracelets or necklaces for every attendee, and give colleges that book a wealth of ideas for easy add-ons like glow-in-the-dark cotton candy, jello, or condoms to help draw a crowd. We use an app that lets students use their phones to submit questions anonymously, and up-vote others' questions.

This new addition to our lineup is tons of fun, and is a great way to address students’ sexual health and relationship concerns with factual answers and empathetic advice. Our presenters are true experts who have answered hundreds of thousands of college student questions. We excel at striking the right tone (we guarantee lots of laughter but also serious answers to serious questions), and infuse values of consent, communication, and LGBTQ-inclusiveness throughout our answers.

Each school is welcome to add their own staff to work with us to answer questions if you wish, or you can leave the answering to us!

Also consider Queer Sex in the Dark! Just like Sex in the Dark, but with two LGBTQ-identified sex educators ready to answer the audience’s questions about queer sex and relationships!

Contact us to discuss your interests and needs for entertaining sex education programming on campus.

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