Our funny, smart sex education programs at colleges and conferences around the country are among the best you'll find anywhere. Want proof? Check out the size of the audiences we attract, the praise we receive, and most of all, the number of schools that try one program and decide to bring us back again ... and again.

  • Standing room only at Cornell University Standing room only at Cornell University
  • Award-winning programs Award-winning programs
  • Speaking at freshmen orientation Projected on screens for 3,000 incoming students at Orientation

  • Sidewalk chalking for our Female Orgasm program Student sidewalk chalking!
  • “We What sets us apart: we work in pairs, offering multiple perspectives at the same time
  • Lectures students want to attend Want to draw big crowds? ours are lectures students WANT to attend
  • Interactive, educational programs Our interactive programs get students involved
“This will set the new standard for sex education.” —John Lajzer, Director of Films and Special Events, Hendrix College
“I have never seen our auditorium so full!” —Whitney Warren, Women's Center Board, Rhodes College
“We're not leaving—this is going to be great!” —Male student, overheard speaking into his phone a few minutes into the program