I Heart Female Orgasm
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Safer Sex program

(Our most popular program!)
The Female Orgasm combines sex education and
women's empowerment with a hearty dose of laughter.
We bring a playful, honest approach to this topic, packing
the house on college campuses. With warmth and humor, we
illuminate the subject of female orgasm for everyone, whether
you want to have your first one, you're hoping to help your girlfriend,
or you're debating the existence of the G-spot or "to fake or not to fake?".
Students love that we work in pairs, bringing both a male and female
perspective to the conversation. Administrators often compliment us on
presenting "sexy" material in a tasteful, appropriate manner. And we know that
people who are well-informed about sexual topics are more likely to make healthy decisions about the risks associated with sex. The program is inclusive of people of all genders and sexual orientations.

The full Female Orgasm Program includes:
• An emphasis on individuals making sexual decisions that are right for them, including whether to use the information now or when married or in a serious relationship
• Analysis of the messages people who are socialized female receive about their bodies and sexuality from media, religion, families, and elsewhere.
• Body image, and the links between "befriending your body" and experiencing physical pleasure
• The value of learning how to say "no" to sex--and the problems college-age and adult women sometimes encounter when they realize that's all they ever learned
• An opportunity to talk openly in same-gender groups during part of the program
• Female anatomy
• Tips for partners about being patient and respectful
• The problems with pressure to have an orgasm, to orgasm faster, to have multiple orgasms, to orgasm with a partner, to fake or not fake orgasms
• Answers to the most common questions about orgasm

This program is appropriate for mixed gender and women's-only groups.

You can find our popular "I love female orgasm®" t-shirts and buttons here. You can also read more about how the program gets huge turnouts, and why staff and student organizers are raving about it.

Fun Female Orgasm Facts

- Average length of time it takes a woman to have an orgasm: 20 minutes. Average length of time it takes a man: 2-5 minutes.
- Half of girls have had an orgasm by the time they're 16 years old.
- 44% of men say their female partners always have orgasms when they have sex. 22% of women say they always have orgasms when they have sex.
- About 1% of women are able to achieve orgasm solely through breast stimulation.
- 63% of college women say they've had multiple orgasms.
- The G-spot is named after Dr. Ernst Grafenberg, the first modern doctor to write about it.

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