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The Creators

Dorian Solot

Dorian Solot (she/her)
Dorian co-founded Sex Discussed Here!, co-created all its programs, and trains and supervises our fantastic team of sex educators. She has presented over 700 programs around the country at colleges and universities, businesses, high schools, churches, regional and national conferences, and adult education centers, and continues to present a small number of programs each year. However, these days you’re more likely to work with Dorian during the planning process for your event: she is the person who answers our phone and emails, guiding hundreds of students and staff people through the process of making each event a success.

As a breast cancer survivor who discovered a lump in her own breast at age 26, Dorian knows that being comfortable with her own body may have saved her life. As a result, she is passionate about increasing people's knowledge and comfort with their own bodies. Trained as a sexuality educator at Brown University, Dorian has authored several articles about the scientific study of female orgasm. In addition, she is a certified birth doula, providing professional labor support during childbirth. (As she jokes, “If I’m gonna teach how babies get in there, the least I can do is help people get them out of there, too.”)

Dorian and Marshall are the authors of the books I Love Female Orgasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide and I Love Orgasms: A Guide to More. Her media appearances include CNN, NBC, The Early Show, The New York Times, National Public Radio, USA Today, Time, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Cosmopolitan, Psychology Today, Men's Health, and numerous other newspapers, radio, and television shows. She lives with Marshall and their two daughters in Albany, New York.

Marshall Miller

Marshall Miller (he/him)
Marshall co-founded Sex Discussed Here!, co-created all its programs, co-supervises our fantastic team of sex educators, and continues to earn audience praise for his funny, down-to-earth approach as a sex educator. He has presented over 1,000 programs around the country at colleges and universities, businesses, high schools, churches, regional and national conferences, and adult education centers. Marshall has a degree in Sexuality and Society from Brown University. He has over six years of experience running HIV and STI prevention programs, most recently as the Prevention Education Programs Manager at the Research and Evaluation Department of Fenway Community Health in Boston. Marshall founded Fenway’s BiHealth Program and the Safer Sex Educator Team. He provided multi-session counseling with at-risk clients and trained and led a team of fifty educators to conduct outreach and education about safer sex, STIs, and sexuality. Marshall is also trainer of teachers for the Unitarian Universalist and United Church of Christ Our Whole Lives sexuality education program. He was named a "Person to Watch" by USA Today.

Marshall and Dorian co-authored the books I Love Female Orgasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide and I Love Orgasms: A Guide to More. His media appearances include CNN, NBC, The New York Times, National Public Radio, USA Today, Time, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Cosmopolitan, Psychology Today, Men's Health, and numerous other newspapers, radio, and television shows. Marshall and Dorian live with their two daughters in Albany, New York.

Our Sex Educators

Colin Adamo

Colin Adamo (he/him)
Colin started his exploration into the world of sex ed at age 16, on the floor of his local bookstore’s Sex & Relationships section. He nourished this curiosity as a Yale student, where he majored in Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. While in college, he trained hundreds of college student volunteers to teach health education in New Haven public high schools as part of the program he co-coordinated. During an internship in England, he researched a guide for LGBT university students in the UK.

Since that time, Colin has served as the Coordinator of Young Men’s Initiatives at Advocates for Youth, the nation’s leading sex education advocacy organization, and as the youngest member of Trojan Condoms’ Sexual Health Advisory Council. He is also the creator of Hooking Up & Staying Hooked, an online sexual health and relationship resource specifically for teen boys. Since completing his PhD in clinical psychology, Colin, his partner, and their baby and dog became recent transplants to Philadelphia. They are striving to build community, perfect the picnicking skills they developed during the pandemic, and find their way to the great outdoors as often as possible.

Maybe Burke

photo by Art by Mistickul

Maybe Burke (she/her)
As a transfeminine educator and advocate, Maybe Burke makes complex topics like gender identity, sexuality, and LGBTIPQQA issues accessible to all. She is the founder of The Trans Literacy Project, a collaboration with trans artists and activists to create an accessible web series about trans experiences from the perspective of trans people. In her educational projects, Maybe works to help cisgender (non-transgender) people know how to talk to and about trans people without being confused or offensive, while empowering trans and gender non-conforming people to take charge of their own place in the world.

Maybe worked as a trainer for the Transgender Training Institute and is certified in LGBTQ Competency by the Institute of Human Identity. She names Dr. Seuss as her favorite poet, proclaims a deep love for Oreos, and claims an ability to quote the entire series of Friends. She lives in Philadelphia.

Stephanie Campos

Stephanie Campos (she/her)
Stephanie Campos, MPH, has been teaching about sex, consent, and LGBTQ issues for over a decade, from homeless shelters and inner city clinics to medical schools and college classrooms. She was the Women’s Health Education Program Coordinator at the Community Healthcare Network in New York City, providing workshops and counseling for youth and adults on safer sex, sexual orientation, body image, healthy relationships, and numerous other topics.

Stephanie has been an instructor for the Gynecologic Teaching Associates Program, training medical students how to conduct women’s health exams. She also served as the Bilingual LGBTQI Health Educator at Callen-Lorde Community Health Center, focusing on transgender health issues. She lives in Elizabeth, NJ, and hails from a half-Peruvian, half-Colombian family of hardcore salsa dancers.

Sean Desiree

photo by Lauren Lucent

Sean Desiree (they/them)
As a non-binary, genderqueer activist, an indie rock musician, and an educator, Sean has a long history of working to fight oppression in all forms. Sean got their start in activism in New York City as part of a queer people of color anti-violence collective based at the Audre Lorde Project community center. Sean is on the board of Holding Our Own, a multiracial, multicultural, feminist social justice foundation, and co-founded their local chapter of the Black Lives Matters movement. The Advocate magazine featured Sean as one of its "Icons, Innovators, and Disruptors" of the year.

Sean has performed at the People's Summit, Netroots Nation, and Trans-Q Live!, and has presented workshops on the history of queer music at colleges and festivals around the U.S. When Sean isn’t performing or presenting, they build and sell fine furniture made from pallets and other upcycled wood, are a dedicated thrift store shopper, and take foosball way too seriously. They live in Albany, NY with their partner, daughter, and cat.

Jessamyn Fitzpatrick

Jessamyn Fitzpatrick (she/her)
Jessamyn Fitzpatrick’s passion is the intersection of performance and sex education. She spent several years touring college campuses and military bases performing an interactive show about gender, sexual violence, and consent. She’s also taught sex education with the Illinois Caucus of Adolescent Health, where she produced and co-authored a play about virginity myths and messages, and went on to serve as a board member. Jessamyn also developed and implemented sexual harassment and sexual assault prevention trainings for college students with the Brooklyn nonprofit CAMBA. She studied with the Summer Institute of Sexuality, Culture & Society through the University of Amsterdam, and recently completed her master's degree from NYU-Tisch, where her research explored using theater to advance sexuality knowledge and pleasure equity.

Born and raised in Chicago, Jessamyn spent a year living in Paris, eating as much cheese as she possibly could, but now calls New York City home.

Lindsay Fram

Lindsay Fram (she/her)
Lindsay Fram has been working in the sexuality field for over 15 years, teaching, writing curriculum, and providing parent education and professional development to other sex educators. She is a contributing author to Unequal Partners: Teaching about Power, Consent and Unhealthy Relationships and is a member of the ANSWER - Sex Etc. Review Board.

Lindsay has a Master of Public Health from Tulane University, and spent two years in the Peace Corps in Guatemala, launching a HIV prevention initiative that trained hundreds of teachers across the country. She recently finished writing an innovative sex ed curriculum based on modern neuroscience.

Lindsay lives in Brooklyn, NY, and spends what little free time she has reading books for her Sexual Literacy Society book club, jogging around Prospect Park in bright green sneakers, and checking out the hottest new ramen spots in town.

Shadeen Francis

Shadeen Francis (she/her)
Shadeen is a board-certified sex therapist with a particular interest in social justice, equity, and sexual wellness. She is on the board of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists; a reviewer for the American Journal of Sexuality Education; and has taught graduate courses at Jefferson University, Lincoln University, and the Modern Sex Therapy Institutes. She describes herself as “a conference nerd,” attending many educational events a year as both a presenter and an attendee.

Shadeen has spoken, written, and taught about sexuality and relationships in a wide variety of contexts, from curricula she’s developed and textbook chapters she’s authored to collaborations with tech companies, medical schools, homeless shelters, and wellness apps. Shadeen loves big roller coasters, has a hidden talent for organizing junk drawers, and the XMen.

Jess Halliburton

Jess Halliburton (she/her)
Jess's life work has been providing comprehensive sexuality education for adults and college, middle, and high school students. Since graduating from Smith College, she spent six years giving presentations about consent, body image, and sexual health, and leading youth workshops on sexual orientation and gender identity, through the Community Healthcare Network in New York City. She also provided one-on-one counseling to thousands of patients about topics including body positivity, healthy relationships, STI testing, birth control, and partner communication.

In addition to teaching college students with Sex Discussed Here, these days Jess's focus is coaching parents to positively shape their children’s experiences with their bodies, sexuality, and relationships.

Jess is a California native who has lived in Brooklyn for the last 15 years. A few of her favorite things are fueling a road trip with peanut M&Ms and Fritos, meandering a neighborhood in a new city, and cheering on the runners on New York City's Marathon Day.

Sarah Mell

Sarah Mell (they/she)
Sarah has been a sex educator for over a decade in various spaces, including colleges, high schools, correctional facilities, an LGBTQ youth center, and a tattoo studio. They've recruited and trained college students to serve as sexual health mentors for high school teens, and have also led trainings on topics ranging from violence intervention to joyful sexuality, intersections of oppressions, rape culture, and managing difficult conversations around sexuality. Their first role in the field was healthy sexuality outreach to men ages 18-24, and creating spaces for them to talk about sexuality, relationships, and intersectionality remains one of their passions.

Although Sarah never became the high school band teacher they once thought was their destiny, they still pick up their oboe, guitar, or saxophone from time to time and really like conducting to the radio. They can also be found acting in local theatre productions and dancing with their wife and two cats in their cozy Vermont home.

Donte Smith

photo by Ross Forman

Donté Smith (they/them)
Over the last decade, Donté been a trainer for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago and the HIV Prevention Justice Alliance; received a fellowship from the Human Rights Campaign to advance public health leadership for transgender women of color, been a member of AmeriCorps' AIDS United Team Chicago, and did HIV test counseling and health education in New Orleans. They currently work as the Lead Patient Educator for Infectious Diseases at Legacy Community Health, a major health center in Texas, leading its patient education team that that works with more than 3,000 patients annually to address topics including HIV, PrEP, PEP, and gender care. Donté attended Georgetown University with a concentration in Women and Gender Studies.

These days, Donté lives in Kansas City, where you'll find them begrudgingly training for a marathon, playing on their virtual reality headset, or enjoying a juicy true crime podcast.

Connor Timmons

Connor Timmons (he/him)
Connor hails from Montreal originally, where he graduated from McGill University. As a teenager, he devoured the Women's Studies books his older sisters brought home from college, and credits them with profoundly shaping the way he understands the world. While working at the Montreal YMCA, he traveled to high schools to present sexual health classes, and coordinated a sexual health conference to help teachers integrate sexuality education into their curricula. Connor was a Canadian delegate to the Man Up Campaign Leadership Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, an initiative to end gender-based violence.

When he's not working with Sex Discussed Here!, Connor is the program director of Common Ground Center, where among other events he coordinates Camp Outright, an annual GLBTQ youth camp. Connor spends his free time splitting wood, playing soccer and pond hockey, and baking bread. He and his wife live in Vermont with their son and his collection of fake mustaches.

India Wood

India Wood (she/her)
When India had the opportunity to be a sexual health peer educator in high school, she jumped at the chance, and she’s been teaching about sex ever since. As a student at Oberlin College, she worked as both a sexual violence prevention trainer and an HIV peer tester. Since then, her work has brought her inside the ivy-covered walls of Harvard University, where she trained students to implement a health education curriculum in under-resourced public schools; to the streets of the Lower East Side of New York, where she co-facilitated a harm reduction program for substance users; and to the classrooms of a French bilingual school.

When she’s not teaching, India can be found rock climbing or lying on the floor to binge watch Gray's Anatomy. She lives in the Boston area with eight friends and two cats who are mortal enemies.

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